​​​​​​​Health & Wellness- Balance between mind, body and spirit is a powerful tool in the recovery process. CHR Health & Wellness Programs prepare you to make informed lifestyle choices for a healthy tomorrow. Our programs include: cooking classes, exercise programs, fitness outings, and health & wellness skills groups. At CHR, we want you to learn how to select and prepare nutritious foods on a budget, incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and show you how caring for your body helps to calm the mind. We offer Zumba classes, trips to a fitness center, dance classes, and even a kickball tournament. Look through our monthly schedule and join one of our health & wellness programs. 

Parenting classes with Triple P Parenting Classes at CHR are  provided by our Certified Trainers in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).  Parenting is a challenge for everyone let alone someone coping with mental health and or substance use disorders. CHR utilizes evidence based parenting program to provide tools, resources and support to those who may be involved with child welfare, criminal justice as well as anyone who is providing care for youth.  This service is offered to those enrolled in services at CHR. Please contact us to learn more about our intake / or enrollment process. CHEEERSREFERRALS@CHEEERS.org  .

Expressions of Hope  – Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and CHR has a beautiful studio for you to do just that. Our Expressions of Hope program offers daily classes that focus on healthy ways to express emotion through art, crafts and music. Topics range from building confidence and reducing worry, to dealing with frustration and finding alternatives to self-harm. The art projects are fun, imaginative and always creative. Every afternoon  is Open Studio for those just interested in enjoying a moment of artistic expression. CHR invites you to join in for painting, beading, journaling, or whatever you would like to create. Look through the weekly class schedule and come join us. Click here for the monthly art calendar of classes.

Women’s Health and Wellness -  Our Women’s Health and Wellness  group is back by popular demand. This group specifically addresses the unique needs and issues for women in recovery.  All women's health issues are addressed as well as topics such as balancing relationships, parenting, self image, stigmas, gender roles, trauma and setting boundaries are just a few of the topics we discuss in this group.  Educational topics are also reviewed however, this is primarily an opportunity for women to bond, find commonality, and create strong recovery connections. 

Men’s Health and Wellness  - Like  our Women’s  group, men also have unique needs and experiences in recovery. Our men’s health and wellness group explores topics of wellness in a broad sense which includes managing and expressing emotion, maintaining health through nutrition and exercise and finding support through connections with male role models and peers. This group offers both education and opportunities for men to share with each other their personal struggles and successes in recovery. 

Life Skills & Wellness

Formerly known as CHEEERS